Aquaguard Pure Chill Storage with Cooler (RO/UV)


Aquaguard Pure Chill Storage Cooler cum Water Purifier is a one-of-its-kind water cooling and storage solution, available in India for the first time. It deploys cutting-edge technology to ensure your drinking water is not only cool but also 100% safe. It is backed by decades of experience and the nationwide Eureka Forbes network, so you can be assured of the perfect water solution to help your workplace stay healthier, happier and more productive.

RO Features

  • Larger Membrane & Higher Capacity: Aquaguard Pure Chill 80 PSS has the dual advantage of high capacity purification and storage. It is built with special membrane elements, which produce higher quality of treated water faster and continuously. Also present, is a large stainless steel tank of 80 litres to store the same.
  • Microbiologically Potable with Nano Silver Leaching: RO System makes the water both chemically and microbiologically potable by reducing hardness and water borne micro-organism during the process. Safe drinking water is assured at the outlet, using the advanced internationally proven Nano Silver Leaching purification which leaves no chance for recontamination.
  • Self-Cleaning System: This ensures superior and effective membrane performance by auto flushing every hour.
  • Powerful Cooling System: The powerful cooling system in Aquaguard Pure Chill, cools effectively and faster.

UV Features

  • Last Point Purification: To ensure you have 100% safe drinking water, the water is filtered, cooled and purified at the outlet using an advanced, internationally proven ultraviolet technology, leaving no chance for recontamination.
  • Powerful Cooling System: The powerful cooling system in the Aquaguard Pure Chill cools effectively and faster. It also gives the option of room temperature water.
  • Large Storage Capacity: The unique design of the Aquaguard Pure Chill enables it to store water, which effectively takes care of your organisations daily drinking water needs.
  • Effective 3 Stage Purification Process: Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter & Ultra-violet Treatment.

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Technical Specifications
Model 80 SS UV 80 PSS RO 120 PSS UV
Dimension (LXBXH) 640 x 450 x 1350 640 x 450 x 1350 750 x 570 x 1350
Total No of Faucets 2 2 3
Cold Water Faucet 1 2 2
Normal Water Faucet 1 0 1
Water Storage Capacity 80 Liters 80 Liters 120 Liters
Purification Capacity 60 LPH 50 LPH 80 LPH
Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous product improvement